The Worst Nightmare Best of All Time

Yesterday was a Madva ground breaking record where Madva competitions entered a period of a big evolution. Voting was done and the competitors were watched as they made great strides toward developing whats great in them. Writers showcased it big and the votes were counted as time moved by. At the end, a record that seemed unbeatable became a laughing stock to other writers and readers as Xavier broke it. Then it went on crashing a record placed in the years back. A record that had stayed for two years long. It’s Madva and we are doing whats best for our business; writing is all that we love. We hope to see records being broken and titles being won.

Published by The Madva

The Madva is a website that hosts talented Writers and Artists. At The Madva, we promote our skills and talents through competition that we hold weekly at our website.

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