Love Gone Sour

These are the articles for the writer’s title. Vote for the best article. The best article will take home the Title.

Derrick’s Article.

Niccur’s Article

We close our live chat. We had no reader to award today. Till next week,  let’s meet.

Niccur defends successfully his title. He will now defend it against Donnel on 16th March 2019

Niccur seems to top up on the competition and he continues to show why he rules in Madva. He tops by more than a thousand votes.

This is how it’s going down on The Madva website.

A first price in Madva; A set book at the Madva The Challenge main event. A Kenyan high School set book will be given to one of our Reader/Voter. Terms and conditions apply.

This is a page where voters and readers will have time to converse with their writers and artists.

Niccur leads by 50% of the votes. Will he win the competition and defend his title for the thirds time successfully?

Niccur announced today that he has something to tell the Madva community either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Promote our articles by using this links to vote for your competitor. Copy paste and vote for Derrick For Nicccur copy and paste to vote for him.

The Competition is Live. Derrick is on the run and is topping the table. Comment on the section below for a live chat.

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