How Much Does It Cost To Be The Best?

Writing and scribbling is what I do. Drawing art and making the best out of what I love is what drives me to the journey I want. Whenever I feel sad or angry or even bored; I get my art book and a pencil and think of my situation and put it down on paper. That way, my anger slows down, my thoughts become settled and I calm down to being the best version of me. I never knew that doing that day after day after day was a way to make my thoughts sharpen, my mind feel young and relaxed.

That is what costs to be the est. Doing whatever you like in any time and feeling good about it. My mind came to realize that if you think something too much then you become a slave of it. Just think, what if I went down the street and met people speaking badly about me, what if people made jokes of you all the time when you passed by the street? If you take in whatever they say and you digest every word then you become a slave of yourself. You won’t be able to achieve your goals. Being the best is what will always make you grow. So sit, relax and don’t worry over matters that don’t affect you directly. You are better when you tell yourself that you are and act upon your positive attitude. That way, your success grows and makes you a hero to yourself.

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