If Horses Were Wishes

If horses were wishes, I would go to the farm, ride on a horse singing all wish songs. If it was true, my heart would be filled with joy and happiness for achieving whatever I desire. If all wishes were possible, my heart would never be satisfied, I would look in to the sky and count all the stars. I would make sure that whatever I count comes filled with good deeds of all nature. If all wishes came true, my soul would be satisfied, and I would dream no more. My mind would be exhausted from thinking what wish I haven’t achieved. If all wishes were true, then; why would I be happy, because I would have explored all true happiness in this world. If wishes were true, God would be left sitting and wondering, why are my children lazy and not working hard. If wishes were horses I would ride.

Published by The Madva

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One thought on “If Horses Were Wishes

  1. The art of complexity in this essay explains why things are not easily given or awarded. One has to work hard for whatever he/she needs. It’s life. Hard work and intelligence must prevail.


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