The Effect (Richy)

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(The Story Below is a Fiction and related to hidden lifes of people in our community)

Date One, December; her day. A day she always remembers in her life. A day full of grief. Elizabeth sat on her king-size bed in a very expensively furnished room of her bungalow. Date One, December is a moment she always will keep in mind; not her birthday, her day of becoming a celebrity, or the day she got married. No, Date One, December is her day to drink in all her sorrows. Her maidservant Miss Rose came to wake her up for the big day, “Good morning Madam Clair; It is a day for Date One of December,” It was. A day she had written down. A day she had planned to release her second single album, Date One of December.

Rose stood at the door waiting for an answer after realizing that her boss had already woken up, “I will be down there within an hour,” Elizabeth replied. Rose nodded as she left, closing the door. Elizabeth continued to sit on her bed as the thoughts about her date hung on her head. Her mind took her to the date she had taken special. It is the date she had met Carlos, an energetic Mexican who had come to tour her country. It was date one of December, ten years ago. She, by then, worked as a tour guide in Maasai Mara National park in the heart of her motherland, Kenya. Carlos was a tall guy with short black curly hair, brown eyes, and colored skin. He was a guy no girl would pass by without thinking how handsome he was.

Carlos was touring by himself, unlike other tourists. It seemed that he had traveled that far, from Mexico to Kenya, to enjoy nature and have fun which indeed he was. The Safari vehicles always had to stop by The Mara Hotel during the midday and let the tourists take a nap after a long tour in the park; that is when Carlos got his chance. A chance to speak to the cute lady in the country she was touring. She, like other tourist guides, became friendly because it was their job too. They had a little chat before it went too far. Carlos awoke her innocence with little notice; they let themselves to a paradise gone loose. They had a constitution made and laws broken. That marked the last happy day of her life. They had a night together, romancing each other.

Carlos stayed in Kenya for a month and returned to his country with an excuse, “I need to go and see how my businesses are back in my country,” he had told her. That was the last time she had ever heard from him. Two months down the line, she got information from her doctor that she was three months pregnant. That was early March, like nine years ago. She wasn’t surprised at all because she knew it had to be. She, later on, decided to inform him, the proud father to be, who had given her a second life; but he wasn’t available. The Carlos she knew had gone, evaporated, just like that.

She had to take care of herself; she had no close relatives. What she knew was that she was ten years old when roaming in the streets of Nairobi, decided to work in a construction company, which by then did not neglect whoever had come to work as a laborer. Luckily, she secretly secured her job as a cleaner, got enough to feed and invest for herself, bought a smartphone, and taught herself the reality of life by accessing the internet and pap! She got a miraculous job when she was twenty-two as a tour guide after acting as qualified personnel for the job.

Elizabeth went to the hospital on thirteen of November, the following year, to give birth. She woke up in the morning and found three doctors surrounding her bed. Elizabeth looked at her stomach and weakly spoke, “Where is my baby,” nobody answered her. Her doctor gathered his courage and looked at her as he uttered, “your son died during delivery, and you are HIV Positive…” She would have died at that moment. She took a deep breath after a few moments. She then did something out of her book, smiled, and said politely, “get out of my room…,” and everybody left the hospital room. Tears rolled inside her unforgiving heart immediately after everybody had left the room. It was on 1st December, nine years ago.

Elizabeth collected herself, worked hard in the tourism industry for five years as music inspired her. After those five years, she resigned from her job, went to study music at the Royal College of Music in Britain. Last year, Elizabeth released her single album My Life which has sold more than a million copies. Her single song, “I’m Still Alive,” hit more than five hundred million views on YouTube. In it, she explained the troubles she had passed through without being afraid to speak of who she is. Luckily, she is married now, and she is three months pregnant, “honey, are you coming or not; the media and your fans are waiting down in the hall,” It was her husband who now came to alert her and get her out from her thoughts, “I’ll be down there within a minute, darling…,” She told her husband. A world-known award-winning British author.

Michael Jettsen entered the room and closed the door behind him, “it has passed,” he said close to her on the bed. He went and sat next to her on the bed, “our past has passed, we are who we are. People still love us though we are infected. We know that we are HIV Positive and we are going to have a healthy son who won’t be infected,” he said and kissed her forehead. She smiled and lent on his chest, “I’ll be ready for 1st December right away,” she said as she hugged tight to her husband’s waist.

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