Best Family Gift From Long Distance Job this Christmas

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I looked through the class room window and saw other pupils running to their parent’s open arms. The parents hugged them tight the minute they reached for them and minutes later I could see them hold hands and walk in to their cars and drive off to their homes. I sat calmly in the classroom; still, looking through the window to the open field watching the remaining pupils vanish, as they walked away with their parents and guardians to their houses which were around the school compound. I always became greedy. My mother was a night shift nurse in the city hospital and my father worked as an engineer in South Sudan. 
They work hard to ensure that I have a better life than theirs which I appreciate mostly because I know that they love me. I always feel safe enough when we are together. My father as always cracks jokes that always makes me laugh and that makes me the happiest girl in the world.

Making sure that my backpack was with whatever I needed, I closed my locker and left the classroom which had an empty thrill of a sound and walked out through the main classroom door and unto the field heading to the main gate of the school compound. It was the last term of the year and we had closed for the long holidays; Merry Christmas and happy new year. Our estate, the place I lived was just a few blocks from the school so after I was out of the school compound I headed my way straight to home to meet Nanny our new house help.

I passed through our estate canteen and saw Madam Joy, I don’t know why she calls herself Madam and yet she is a shopkeeper. She had put a high volume on her radio which was humming Already Home by A Great Big World. A song I love listening to, “Hi Cindy…” She greeted me, I just rose my head and smiled as a reply, “are you from school?,” She asked me. Where else should I be from? I wondered, “Yes,” I answered as I walked past her shop to our estate gate.


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