10 Art you must see

Madva has collected the best arts made at our website. See our collection and feel free to leave your comments on which arts you love the most.

  1. The Myth (Felix)
    Felix drew a head of a person with cracks on it. One eye has been written inner world. Showing the kind of information that he tries to portray is heavy. Tap the title and See for yourself.
  2. A Wild Savage Girl (Berry Brenda)
    Berry Brenda shows out the true colors of a savage girl on the art she has drawn. Very straight to the point and artistic.
  3. Healing Before 2021 (Berry Brenda)
    The art shown here describes all the evil that the Corona Virus had brought to the nation and the whole world. Berry Brenda keeps it a reminder and a hope that maybe things might change on years ahead.
  4. Ronaldinho (Dennis)
    Dennis, a very big fan of football takes us to the life of his legendary footballer Ronaldinho. He draws an art that depicts the hero smiling all the way.
  5. Healing Before 2021 (Felix)
    The art drawn by Felix shows a heart torn from the heart. A true depiction of what the Corona Virus has done to many lives. Check it out.
  6. C-19 Fever (Kelvine)
    Another art that keeps the memories about the effects of Corona in our society.
  7. Poverty (Berry Brenda)
    This is one of my best collections of art. Berry Brenda depicts what poverty has left in many after the evil, corrupt minds have taken the rule.
  8. Deep in Love (Kelvine)
    So romantic and together as one. This is an art that depicts true love from life.
  9. I Don’t Think Out of the Box, I Tear The Box (Felix)
    Just as the name says. The art is seen.
  10. Joker (Felix)
    And here is Batman’s biggest enemy.

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