10 Interesting Articles You must Read

These are the ten articles penned down by one of the great Madva content creators and published on the Madva website. You will love the author; he speaks about politics, love, and all that visible in our society. You will love the perfect way he tries to portray what affects our communities at large. Get into the link and read through the best content he creates at Madva.

  1. Healing before 2021 – In this creative article, Richard tells a story of a family in Africa after the Corona Virus infection in their country. It digs dip into the drama seen in the family. It is a must-read for those who love dramatic ends in a story.
  2. It’s Just Politics – A little girl in a village in an Africa superb shows what happens during elections in her country. She makes the reader understand the real issues affecting the people in her country, what the bigwigs and the people don’t want to speak.
  3. Did I hurt Your feelings? – This is a voice of an angry, betrayed man who tries to ask the person he loves if all he has done the entire time they have stayed together is a lie. It’s a hurting story, and readers who have succumbed to search betrayals can be happy reading it. Browse through the article, and you will love it.
  4. Mama – The love for Ma, Mum, Mother is visible here in this article.
  5. Did You Know The Inner Circle? – There are people behind the people who lead the government. That’s what many think. The narrator drives us through the minds of those elites in the society whose power affects the community.
  6. Her – Keeping our world an equal place for human rights is what all the human race is fighting. The story portrays how a young man shows love to his family and the love of his life.
  7. The Effect – This is more like a movie than a story. The narrator drives us through her personal life. The life she had gotten herself in.
  8. Reckless – For sure, regret is what people do not want to have after they grow old. There are some things you remember when you reach that age, things you haven’t done. This story is a perfect illustration of those things, a must-read indeed.
  9. What’s the Time? – Well, poems are into the author too. Check out this one, and I promise it won’t disappoint.
  10. A story of A girl – Always trying to motivate the girl child. Isn’t it?

I hope you do love the content. Don’t forget to share online for others to read through.

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