10 Famous Arts of the year 2020

These are the famous Arts of the year 2020 worldwide drawn by the very best in visual arts industry. The Arts drawn by the very best of Madva the year 2020. They are categorized by the viewership number and the love from Madva readers all over the world.

  1. A Wild Savage Girl – 1542 (Berry Brenda)
    An art that expresses the visual graphics of a girl with savage motives.
  2. More Than Lisa – 1173 (MIC The Student)
    This art got it’s name from a rhyme to the art Monalisa. The Artist made the visual art look like Monalisa but with an African face and statue.
  3. Stressed – 655 (Yvenne)
    An art of a girl stressed. It’s visually seen because she is smocking while holding her hair up and of course the artist named it Stressed and so it is.
  4. Healing Before 2021 – 481 (Felix)
    After the whole world has succumbed to Corona Virus, the artist sketched the art with a man holding his heart out of his chest. The question being will we ever heal after what we have seen in the year 2020?
  5. Healing Before 2021 – 476 (Berry Brenda)
    The art drawn by Berry Brenda gives a vivid description how the country Kenya has been affected by the Corona Virus as the Citizens look on mercilessly.
  6. Once Upon A Time – 467 (Kelvin)
    Kelvin draws an art of a baby. Showing how once upon a time everybody was that young and beautiful.
  7. Ronaldinho – 456 (Dennis)
    The artist draws an image of a football player he admires more.
  8. Love Hurts – 333 (Dennis)
    An art with visual fonts of words and a face bringing examples and lessons learnt in life.
  9. Nature – 326 (Dennis)
    An art that shows a boat ashore and the deeper view of the ocean and the beautiful sky in grey and yellow graphics.
  10. I Don’t Think Out of the Box I Tear It – 302 (Felix)
    A man drawn tearing out from a box expressing the deeper feelings of the artist and the way way he motivates himself in doing greater achievements.
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