10 Famous Articles of the year 2020

These are the famous Creative Articles of the year 2020 worldwide written by the very best in creative articles industry. The Poems scripted by the very best of Madva the year 2020. They are categorized by the viewership number and the love from Madva readers all over the world.

  1. A Letter to You Single Mothers – 4263 (K-Writes)
    This is a letter written to all single mothers who are struggling out their taking care of their children in the society. The article became the best script (Poetry/Visual Art and Creative Essay) in Madva for the year 2020.
  2. Failure is a Word – 2326 (Ian)
    This is a motivational article that encourages the readers to work hard on whatever they are doing.
  3. The Worst Nightmare – 1935 (Trine)
    The narrator tries to show her worst nightmare. She explains growing up in a different point of view and the nightmare in it’s upbringing.
  4. Bye Bye January; It’s Serious Business Here – 810 (Robert)
    The writer scripts an article to give a heads up towards the coming months of the new year.
  5. Once upon a Time – 760 (Sincere)
    This article gives the deeper reflection of the time when the African culture was nurtured. Something went wrong or right, as the years moved by and the truth is something hard to hear; though it’s whats happening.
  6. If it was you; The Resolutions – 618 (Sammy)
    The narrator tries to make decisions in his life towards the new year.
  7. The Worst Nightmare – 574 (Xavier)
    The narrator tries to explain the worst nightmare that has ever happened to them.
  8. My Valentine’s Gift – 558 (Niccur)
    The narrator gives a vivid explanation towards what he has on hold for his loved one. He sweetens his words to tell us the hidden gift for the love of his life that he has kept for her.
  9. How to Manage Anger – 481 (Niccur)
    The narrator tries to explain to those who get angry quickly like in “Angry Birds; the Movie” on how they can control their emotions.
  10. Once upon A Time – 393 (Barongo)
    The writer brings us to the thoughts that navigate the place she used to call home, ones. What she thinks of that place is very different in the current time.
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