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Our Poets Creative ideas; put to written words are of infinite possibilities.
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Our writers, create short stories under any topic given. They cover topics especially fiction, motivational and political.
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Poems To Read

Welcome back, reader. Read the poems we have written for you in our contest and choose one that you admire more. Our goal is to make sure that our content reaches you. We become satisfied and glad when you read our content, share it and discuss it with friends and family. That’s why we createdContinue reading “Poems To Read”

Poems to Remember

Beautiful poems that make us quote every line are our priority as always. We have collected five poems for you. Poems that will make you quote every sentence from them. Our collection of poems; were written during our weekly contests. Our Notables create the content to reach as many readers as possible and earn. It’sContinue reading “Poems to Remember”

Sad Poem In Urdu

Hello readers. We decided to make a version for our people who know Urdu. This poem we chose to translate for you our reader is a sad poem. A poem written by Lucky. One of our poets here at Madva. Seeking Solace I hold on to my glass of liquor,My gun in this solemn warContinue reading “Sad Poem In Urdu”


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